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Things to note about CoreDNS in your EKS cluster

If you have a very large EKS cluster with tons of pods running on it, you might have encounter DNS resolver errors while querying the AWS VPC DNS resolver. We will talk about the this issue today and how to setup your cluster to mitigate this issue. Before we dive into the topic, let us look at AWS…

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Exploring Karpenter for EKS clusters

Recently I came across this project called Karpenter ( and it intrigued me greatly. Diving into Documentations Based on it's official documentations (…

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How to scale your Jenkins with Kubernetes

I'm sure every DevOps engineer will touch on Jenkins at least once in their professional career. Today, we will talk about how to scale your Jenkins with Kubernetes. This setup will make your Jenkins master as the orchestrator and configuration storage, it does not build any jobs on the master. As…

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